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February 22 2017


Field Engineer Blog

4 Ways Field Engineer Is Benefitting Engineers

1. Opportunity to Continue Education

Field Engineer has created a rich library with several online resources that can help you stay updated on the latest industry developments. Engineers can complete courses and earn badges for their profile that showcase their industry experience and knowledge.

2. Get Paid Quickly

No employee likes waiting for payday, which is why Field Engineer's cloud-based platform ensures project funding before the project starts. Once the contractor and client are satisfied with the agreement, funds are released to the contractor.

3. Total Control Over Work Schedule

Engineers can log in and view the work orders or simply respond to the automated system alerts when an order is submitted in your area. They have the choice to accept the projects that are suitable according to their schedule. With Field Engineer's platform, they have total control of their workflow.

4. Be a Part of the Future

Being a technical field engineer, you can have a strong impact on the communication infrastructure of the local community. For instance, with Field Engineer, you can be a part of a team that allows your neighbors to connect, create, and share at the speed of light.

Field Engineer Job Marketplace

Field Engineer is a global freelancing platform where Businesses and Telecom Engineers connect and collaborate to execute projects around the globe. We are based in New York, NY - 77 Water St., Suite 7000.
The perfect workforce solution for data-driven companies. A platform specifically designed to help Field Engineers find work and get paid quickly.
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